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June 30, 2007

Huling Araw

Pasensya na,
masyado lang naguguluhan.
Maraming iniisip.
Maraming ginagawa.
Kaya napasama mga pinag-gagawa ko.
Natahimik mundo ko.
Nag'iba kasi ihip ng hangin.
Nawala sa sarili at di na lam ang gagawin,
kumawala nalang,
sa sobrang galet at inis sa sarili..
Hindi makatulog ng mabuti,
ni hindi maganda ang mga nangyayari.
Maagang initulog..
Maaga ring iginising.
At sa pag-gising...
Naaalala nalang,
mga pagkakamaling gawa.
na sinabayan ng gulo sa isip..
Wala sigurong makaka'intindi ng mga sinasabi ko ngayon.
Wala rin naman akong dapat ipa'intindi. 
Dahil sa ngayon,
gusto ko lang talagang,
maglabas ng sama ng loob,
sa aking sarili..
na sana..
at sana..
wala nalang ganitong klaseng problema sa buhay.
Masyado kong napagkatuwaan at napagbigyan ang sarili ko..
Naisip kong darating talaga sa ganito..
Pero itinuloy ko parin,
Kasi naman sa buhay natin,
di natin alam kung kailan na ang ating huling araw.

June 23, 2007

Everything at risk

           So much to do with this life. So many conflicts. Time, space and everything nice! My own time for myself. My time for my boyfriends and for everything. Wish, i can do all these things, with my own thinking. Of nobody's consent. Just me! Alone. 

            I tried just 5% improvement and 95% disappointment. Then i thought of asking other's advice. I listened and reflected. But never came into my mind that i'll do what they'd say. Still, my decision counts... Hold on or Let go?

I have to go beyond normal. I have to do more and change my routine. It's a new world and i have to adjust. I may not have time for everything at the same time... but i have to make it balanced.

TAKE NOTE! : this life. your course. your relationship. your family. friends.

This is not a joke!

June 20, 2007

Fixing Relationship Problems

         I thought ,a perfect relationship is effortless. that if you are in love, you should not have to work to stay that way. The truth is that the perfect relationship takes 'effort'. The effort required is to understand the man you pledge to love. I have to understand that even though men are easy to deal with (when you understand what makes them tick), as individuals they are complicated. They are not just one thing. They are not just strong, or powerful, or supportive. They can also be tender, needy, and emotional. Allowing a man to be his full self with you is one way that you can improve your relationship.

If you are looking to change your relationship...
        You have to be willing to make some changes yourself. It is neither productive nor wise to expect to change him to improve your relationship. The only thing you can absolutely control is your own attitude, outlook, and behavior. If you really want him to change, it will be in response to changes you make with yourself.

-Based on an article

"If you love me, you would..."

"If you love me, you would....."

          Unspoken and unacknowledged expectations take a large toll in relationships. In having expectations, you're expecting your partner to be a certain way in order to believe they love and care about you. If you don't get what you expect, you conclude all kinds of negative things about the relationship that may not be true.

- From an article

June 13, 2007

Pissed Off

        Reasons that pisses me off are people who act so dumb and think they are all that.
  • I get angry when someone says, ‘I'm always here for you, no matter what you throw at me,’ and the next thing you know, they give up on you and don't want to know you!
  • I really hate it when I have a boyfriend and someone tries to steal him away from me. my theory (which is a rather childish one) is, ‘I had him first! He's MINE!’ but it can lead to bad things. how I deal with it is to I doodle in my special mind and think of bad things about the girl who tried to steal my boyfriend.”
  • Pretty much anything and everything makes me angry. when someone has attitude, I give one even worse back. I get really mad when people lie. I get mad when people tell me they’re gonna do something and then don’t.”

         I hate feeling anger. I go gaga whenever i'm out of the mood for everything. Never did i think of any that'll make me feel good...