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August 26, 2010


What else can I say about this lady in disguise. 
I guess she was mesmerized
by the so-called love so sweet and spice.
In every thing I do, she acts it from the clues
In every word that I say, she utters like I'm no play

For what is the beauty that she has for when she shows what she had from the past.
Heartaches. Lies. Burning pains she might have come from far.
Please stop the drama, little stinky , you are now empty in his heart.

I pity those who say, nothing changes the first deep heartbreak
then I would rather say, nothing stops me, till you, that I break?

From you I've known a lot that people change but not you, Bitter
peanut butter paste, no such thing you'd make it better.

A lot like love. A lot like hate.
How can people swear, "I will wait"
A lot like you, A lot like faith
Cut those tangles, there's too much to wait.

I am no classy, as you are so bossy
no such thing as thinkerbelly,
Well, pardon me for I am late,
in saying these words, I hope you are with grate.