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August 01, 2007

Genesis II (Full)

I shall
not promise you forever because forever is too short a time for our love


i shall but promise to love you each day and every year to


shall not expect of you to be always gentle and loving.

i shall not demand that you
love me all the time.

there shall always be forks on the
road of life and i shall not expect you to choose my road.

if you should find
yourself in love with someone you think id far worthy than me, i shall be

forgiving of you and me grateful that once once.. you loved me.

but please dont allow thoughts to
linger such things for i shall strive

with all the
power within me to be as loving and understanding and kind as you expect me to


please dont expect too much
from me,

i may not give you roses everyday,
but every rose i give goes all the love i could offer.

let your thoughts dwell upon
the happy times we spent together,

and let these thoughts dwell upon
separation not for one minute,

for such poison works
quickly with the mind.

i shall not be mad if
you forget our anniversaries ,

for people are but liable to
forget but please forgive me if within me,

i am hurt a little,
just a little,
for i am liable to pain too,

that you must never

i shall not be too easy on
you as you are not too easy on me,

but on the other hand, i will not
be too hard. i shall then be fair as is proper.

i shall not give too
much of myself.
for too much is too little,
and too little seldom satisfies.

you should therefore not give me
too much of yourself , too.

i shall be mostly thinking
about you,

and when we kiss, it shall be ours
and ours alone.

you must permit me to fight you

if only to let off

then our making up shall not
be too hard ,

and we shall love each other all
the more..

i shall not hinder you
from expressing opinoins of me,

but i shall not
allow you to say them anytime or in any way you please.
i, too,

shall render you with sins
such opinions but seeing all the time,

i do not cause