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February 19, 2007

Not All Men are Men

        I never planned this. I didn't want him to like me. I never asked for it. We really just have this same personality. I am bad, he is worse. He is not perfect, as I am. He's always been true. He tells me what he thinks is just right for me to know. I don't care if I'm cruel or mean. My harsh and mean words were stuck with him. Yet, he still accepts. Same with me. Whenever I'm wrong, he tells me frankly. I admit that I've grown a lot. In my ways, my acts,my opinions,the way I think. Maybe, thanks to him. That he caused me much pain, misery. Damn it all. And now, am waiting for a man, a real man who could show me that not all men, at least be a MAN!

Life's Risk

"Life is about taking risks. Making mistakes is as much as a part of life as succeeding is. In making a decision, you might be wrong or you might be right. But you'll never know if you won't decide. If you fall, stand up and learn. There are so many things in this world we need to learn and some are learned best the hard way. "


Fake it or Make it

             I don't want to make another mistake. I'm afraid that one day, everything will change. And I don't wanna turn out to be a fool. I don't want another pain, who wants ending up crying anyway. But am really confused. What's happening? Why am i making myself suffer from this. Am I really a fool? I'm always carried out with my emotions. Always undecided. And doesn't even care to what other people say about me. But am tired of it myself. I don't want to be the issue of the year, the cover for their magazine and be the trending topic worldwide. I just wanted to have a low-profile. And I hate being talked about.

               But then. One day, I thought, "how can i be myself, when I'm faking it?"
How can i be totally happy, if I'd let those rumors and gossip girls affect me? Am I right or I am Right?
I don't have to please anyone. Love me or hate me. It's me. No other girl would ever be. Just me! (wink!)

February 08, 2007

Hate How Much I Like You

RIGHT! Gaya ng sabe. Hindi matanggap na gusto mo na nga siya.
Ayaw pa aminin. Paano kung nawala sya?
Matatanggap mo ba? Madalas yan ang problema sayo.
Saka lang makikita ang halaga, kung kailan na wala na.

  • Tama ba? Naalala ko lang yung sa Retreat sa Baguio. Yung palabas eh, "Magnifico".

Horoscope for today (February 8, 2007 )

The Bottom Line
Your confusion about a new person in your life is helping you grow.

In Detail
A new person in your life is intensifying efforts to communicate with you. Give yourself time to sort through how you feel about this, because you might not know how to react at first. This person is still a bit of a mystery to you, and you might not be quite sure what to think. Is it all some sort of joke? In a very odd way, this confusion will be refreshing and exciting to you. Instead of frustrating you, this person is putting you in touch with a new part of yourself."

Guess, some are just so relevant with me today. 

February 05, 2007


             Wala namang masama sa ginawa niya. Salamat pa sa kanya. Salamat. Salamat. Wala kang nagawa. Kailangan bang sabihin pa lahat para kumilos ka? useless. USELESS ang salita para sayo. As in U S E L E S S.
Walang napuntahan. Walang kwenta. Ba't ka pa nakilaa. Ang drama ko lang ngayon! Pero kailangan ilabas. Buti na lang. Buti na lang. Wala na. Para lang pampalipas lahat. Kalimutan na ang mga nangyari. Wag kang mag-alala, dahil yun na nga ang gagawin ko ngayon. Sanay na rin naman ako na wala ka. Kasi nga.

  •  Lagi ka namang WALA
  • Buti pa siya. Asa ka pa. Di na ako magtitiwala
  • Yun lang at SALAMAT nalang

Reveal Secret to A Friend

I wanted to say something. But I was thinking of her, thinking of him.
       Difficult to pretend that everything is fine between us, when in fact, it's just ain't that. Afraid that i might lose him or her. she is my friend. but i think I'm liking him. I know it's wrong. so wrong to fall for this guy. Who was once a part of her. In this way. I tell you now. That am sorry for what's happening now. Though, you still don't know what's happening between us. it's about you and me. Our friendship. Am hoping that everything will still be all right, when i tell you about what's with me and him.

      Was it my fault? I just thought i can make him realize what he have done to you, that maybe, in my way, I can get give him your revenge. But I was taken with my own bait. And all those fights and debates just made us tick.

       Sorry... I never thought he'll take it seriously. Really.


"They try to posses it. They demand. They expect. 
"Love is meant to retrieve from you. For love is meant to be free.

You can't change it's nature. If you love someone .Let him be.
"Give, but don't expect. advise-but don't order. ask. but never demand. it might

be simple. but it's a lesson that may take a lifetime to truly practice.
See how it is? it's reality. face it.