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October 07, 2009

For Nobody

            In every thing little thing I do, there are eyes looking at me. Every step I take, shadows still follow. I heard much about faith, but never the trust. For of all those years that have passed, I learned that a little deed of negative would remain longer or forever in every man's sanity. And there would go the insanity that would trigger much disappointment and anger. Useless is to have one thing in mind, yet cannot be done nor uttered. Useless is the one who cannot speak in spite of pain. For whatever you do, eyes are on you. Whatever you say, ears do play. From these things I've thought, never did I plan to do something. Just for the sake of respect. I speak not. I sneak out neither, I move not much, for the state that no word would be against me. I pray and I am guided. I rest, but i am hated. Yet, I still consider any thing to be one great thing. Trust me, my fellow, I respect you a lot. I intend not to think anything against you, I would go to field, just to defend you from snakes, only some things in my mind that I hope and ask you to pay. Attention is not much what I want from you, but the trust and understanding, that is all I am asking.