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January 21, 2008

The Unfinished Business

Confidential: Babala sa mababasa
           I am Single. No boyfriend. Nobody owns me. I am free, free from worries, lies, heartaches, headaches, name it! They're all in one package.

                  But as days pass, I felt tears, noise, grudge and regret. And why is that? Am i really off with it? I am really looking forward to be myself. Think of myself, and of nobody else. Just me. Break free! Wanting just for nothing but silence and peace of mind.
                   They say karma is just around. And, yes! Right and i'ts coming right after me.

One night. There's silence. No Hi's and Hello's. Just the cold sighs. I felt nothing for him as I felt nothing from him. I was waiting for the pain to come. But it wasn't there. I thought I was strong enough to handle such situation, since he is not in front of me. I felt nothing but the cold wind. And so I have to live with it. Focus and  live my life. Alone. But this, I must say. Thank you for everything. And to all the boys that I loved, Thank you.