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May 06, 2008

Better this way

There are things in this world that can never be ours.

Just because of the simple truths.
Yes, simple and this word is the reason why 
things are getting so unusual and complicated.
It's "why do this things have to exist anyway?

-it's simply, some things are bad for us.
-they already belong to someone else..
-we already lost the opportunity, to claim them as our own.
-they are just not meant to be ours.
so if you're caught up with wanting something you dearly cant have...

we may trade in all our cards for what we want..
but in the end,maybe you'll find it.
.... it's not something you really need.

darn right and this is always the problem with me.
i easily involve myself to things am actually not sure of.
i always go with the flow...
i know all the consequences... but, it's like the urge of
having something i really like, and not getting it... 
makes me sick!
i lose control with things like that. but lately,
a friend whom i've hurt once...
gave me a smile and said...
"...buti may control kna."
we've been to a conflict when i ...
i... i... hmmmmm. never mind.
(let's not bring the past back anymore.
 maybe wondering if why did she say that.
Actually. we were talking about the guy i was so in love...
(when i was in manila...)
great love story but tragic and hair-raising! 
surely you'll hate me for that.. oops! but more with the guy... 
and much with his girl for being so stupid and numb.
yet, what kind of girl am i for hating that innocent girl for 
loving that bastard. and the blame is on me.
for caring so much about him. and letting him
go beyond my boundaries.
yes. guilty about that. and so, i stopped it.
before i get used to it and destroy another relationship.
no matter what he say about how he loves me.
i chose to be deaf. and blind from his actions.
and. thank GOD! after a month.
the old me is back! but for the better now.
i can now control myself and make better decisions regarding boys.