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May 06, 2011

Sense, No Sensibility

It just makes sense, of no sensibility.
People curse. Men and women.  Bitterness and lies or worst.
Heartaches, headaches, for namesake, it’s all there.
Quite pain as it may be considered, but more of life’s joke taken seriously by most.
For this moment, again, take my time.
For this is a short message for the people who still try to take away the life i make.
No worries, i won’t mention names. They’d just kill themselves for asking if it was them or not.
I won’t tell. No worries, if i say it is because of them that i make mistakes often. I care not much about them but of the people around them, we all know that people judge quite fast for normal thinking, they won’t even bother to ask what and why and how, for they conclude things on their own.
I know this is quite puzzling, but still i dare you read thoroughly till you make your own story in line. I tell for i know much about your thinking, it’s something criminal, where sort of my expertise. (learned enough, just when my partner in crime have left me).
I dare myself to do things beyond my control. I conclude for something i am so hopeful to happen. Like in a minute, there goes my premonition. Do not think of any, just stare and walk away with your imagination, then surprise your mind. Think positive!

Beauty is Her Madness

“I was attacked in the forest while I was at rest. No worries, no doubts, no fear, nothing but myself and things that surrounds me, just those things that surrounds me. I dare not go out of my cave, for I know, there are eyes watching me. Every step creaks lot of creatures, waiting for their prey. Just for one night, back from the past, there’s this one creature, from the wild, that escaped and roared out the forest. I thought, it was beauty that reigned.  A beautiful creature from afar of nobody’s land. The beasts liked her, loved her and praised her, yet beauty wasn't enough and didn’t last to uncover the sharp fangs and claws of her madness. Beasts started to be mischievous. Untamed by the its beauty and madness, and then suddenly plagued out. Misfortune came to the forest just when creature was driven out. Now, she hits again. We’re now wondering why she came back. Then I thought, she’s just making a ding and a loud ring to take in again."