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February 05, 2007

Reveal Secret to A Friend

I wanted to say something. But I was thinking of her, thinking of him.
       Difficult to pretend that everything is fine between us, when in fact, it's just ain't that. Afraid that i might lose him or her. she is my friend. but i think I'm liking him. I know it's wrong. so wrong to fall for this guy. Who was once a part of her. In this way. I tell you now. That am sorry for what's happening now. Though, you still don't know what's happening between us. it's about you and me. Our friendship. Am hoping that everything will still be all right, when i tell you about what's with me and him.

      Was it my fault? I just thought i can make him realize what he have done to you, that maybe, in my way, I can get give him your revenge. But I was taken with my own bait. And all those fights and debates just made us tick.

       Sorry... I never thought he'll take it seriously. Really.


jusz said...

whoa! grabe met! d ko nagets

++drExzeLe++ said...

ahaha. an laliiiimmm !!

Anonymous said...

`† wahahaha..ano po yan? wahihihi... in fairness ha... tsk... sorry po.. ;b\m/ †™`

Anonymous said...

`† makikialam lang sa usapan niyu.. wala po malalim...tsk.. para sa grown ups lang..wahahaha... put yourself in the situation... ;b\m/ †™`