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March 03, 2007

"MISS" ng Aming Handog Family from The Ruby Anniversary 2007

         WOW! Great experience being a part of this big show. I never thought of joining this, it just so happened  that Kimi messaged me and told me about it. For fun and something to waste time, that it was all from nothing. I didn't expect any. I just have to try something new before leaving this campus. Fortunately, really fortunate. I was picked as one of the dancers for the Concert!

  •  Miss Maria Contessah Gonzales-Gamboa
      Mistakenly known as terror, with all those shouts of 'SMILE!!' How can I forget these lines:

  1. "cmon guys..what's wrong?"
  2. "do you have any problem?"
  3. "always look at the audience!"
  4. "ok! everybody . cuddle up!"
  5. "you always keep me waiting..."
  6. SMILE! God Loves You!
     Augh! I miss her. She's like a mother to us, a cool mom. She's not any ordinary lady, I should say. I remember, just after practice prepping for home, we were at the music room, playing around and making noise with the piano, she entered and asked if we wanted to hear her play. And of course... we do! From there I heard a sad music. Filled with pain and loneliness. I have seen a mother longing for her child. How a wife stops seeing her husband. How a woman hides her tears when everything seems to be tiring. As if, I wanted to hug her and tell her that we'll always be by her side. But I didn't, and just let her play.

Why didn't she cry, and let her tears fall?
 show us that for every pain, there is an ease. Showing us how we should be, when everything seems to be wrong and reminding us to be strong...

"MISS" is a difference. I am really thankful for knowing her. For all of those pieces of advice she gave. I know, someday. I'll have to use it for as she have said:

"It's not on what you want or like, it's on what is right "
This is my last story for High School. For how my world changed till I met her,  from being a loner to a more socialized girl. In 5 or 10 years time, I'll always look back to where I am from and why I was there.
Thank you "miss" for showing me, and us, of how and what we should be.


Anonymous said...

yOh how sad naman, ala na si ms massah, umalis na sya, at least happy na sya with her family.
I miss her na, a great friend and big sister she was to all of us, though misunderstood by some as very strict.
I'll never forget her, the wisdom she shared to all of us, she has become a part of our lives even though for a while only :c

++drExzeLe++ said...

wew. that's sooo sweeettt karlo. hmm. miss just said.. she misses us too. weee . ahw sweett .