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February 07, 2008

Let's Play: Fool-Him-Now-Love-Him-Later

  • I Flattered one guy i like. Showed him the sweet me and gave him the care, supposedly, yours. Telling him, i like him was just my game. Yet, he still fell for that. I thought it would be just fine if i'd say...            "I'm just having some 'laugh-time' with you....". BUT, then... i wasn't able to say that till he said, he's serious about it. Now. What should i do? I have him, committed. I was slapped with that "serious" thing. and now we're more than friends and the joke-time.
  • Another guy came. The first time i saw him, he's wearing a ring. Then the next, he wasn't wearing it and said:
B:"it slipped off my finger. i did't think it would be that quick."
then i said..
me: "you should look for it!"
B: "i tried! but really, it's too difficult for me to have it .. again.."
G: "hmmm. you can still have that. im sure.. =' ) "
B: "hope so.."

          (Things happened so quick after that. And things became so complicated for me. It's like, i wanna have both of them. But I have to have the one i'm playing with. Even if the other already lost his ring.)

       And so, he knew about first guy. It's like we're having another game. I am the referee and they are the players.

         This is my game and am losing. But am not really sad about it. It's just that karma played with me too! But for now, am into the two guys. Oops! it's not what you think.. i still have the 1st as the one.. just that, he really didn't have me.. i just got him for that.

        And for the other guy, i hate him for that ring! Why take it off when someone put one on mine. Why inform me about it when i'm not asking about it. What's his purpose of showing those sweetness and kindness with me. Well, maybe that was his own game.