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June 23, 2008

Analysis to Sociological Imagination

        Basically, we all have this sociological imagination. we just have to develop it. it is like a disease that grows graver as it is just ignored within you. much like of a fungi ,once affected your skin it will invade it.. like of our brain, we just keep thinking... wondering.. that we, ourselves are unaware of. until one day, when time allow us to wander, that's the time the ideas stuck in it explodes. same as through with what mills wants us to think about,we are about to recognize our tasks. that we are about to grasp history and biography and the relation between the two within society, which is the sociological imagination's task and promise. by this means, men and women are the subject of this game called life. they actually play the big role as what they should be, as how they should act, and to how they should cope up with their own troubles and issues.

         This sociological imagination has something to do with man's concept of issues and troubles within them, concerning the society. it is like having the trouble of the unemployed. then why is that? having most of the population employed just leaving 5% of it unemployed, then would that make them so incompetent? but would it be more intriguing, that from a population of more or less 80 million, only 40% of it were employed?! would that be an astonishing issue that the state should be pondering of? or maybe, a lot has just not fathom yet, what really he/she is into. isn't that so geek, that with the knowledge they believe is just so extensive and in their own opinion: the fact they believe they can never know. maybe then, this depends on how one view the outside world and how they develop their own personality.

"accordingly, to understand the changes of many personal milieu,we are required to look beyond them." same as through, and of the same quotation a teacher have taught me. One shouldn't be stuck to one point. We have to o beyond, go deeper and find some more issue a or subjects that would strongly help us about our own problems.

              One's sensitivity is a big NO in this life. We have to be aware, that as of what mills have said “ to be aware of the idea of social structure and to use it with sensibility is to be capable of tracing such linkages among a great variety of milieu..”

           From “the role of ideology in the great transition”, Kenneth Boulding stated that the dynamics of society are governed by two sets of circumstances which the sociologist Robert Merton has called “latent” and “ manifest”. The latent forces are those that which the awareness lays an unimportant role. The manifest processes those in which the awareness of the process itself- that is, the image of the nature of society and the social processes in the minds of men – plays a significant rule in determining the behavior of men and the course of social events. Figuratively speaking, man himself then , is really unaware, most of his life. Then, when troubles stuck him, he is forced to think. Their, he develops the so called sociological imagination.

              In biological evolution, almost the whole process is latent because the participants are not themselves aware of what is going on. Into man's social system, awareness has entered from the first. The bottom line is we have to accept that what we actually have as private troubles are actually the unit of a larger public issue. Curing it is just like getting rid of the pests that will just keep coming back. The promise then, is that with all the problems and issues in our modern life, sociological imagination can help us understand the happenings in our modern life and why such social phenomena occur. This is a classic and got that something worth recommending.