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November 03, 2009

I'll Pull the Trigger For You

I have him now,
will I still have him tomorrow?
Having this psycho girl
playing around.
Round about an inch that I can really so reach.
I hate her for having those dramas.
Those what a mess you are miss, you are so betchy.
I hate you for letting him go and soon that I have him
you're wanting him back?
I hate you for having those issues that you yourself never had kept.
You never thought of how would I feel about you acting so betch.
I hate you for all the reasons you never would think.

For you, my dear.
Why not stop the drama yourself and keep that girl out of this wretch?
Why not do something like trip her or a confront that she may stop?
I am so mad right now, not because you two are still having a contact.
But, for the reason that you keep lying about it.
Is it too personal? Knowing about it, that one day you may be together
because your family told you so?
Do you think, that wouldn't cause me much?
You told me, you wont lie for another thing,
But for how many times that I just caught you?
My dear, I like you for cheering me up at all times,
for being so father-like whenever I don't do good,
for being so paranoid whenever I'm with my friends that you never wish to know.
But how can I be so sure about everything you just said,
when you, yourself just can't show enough?
Am I rushing you? Do you want this to take time,
and heal first?
Relax. You made me this.
You wouldn't like to know how I hate commitment issues like this.
And now I knew how it's like to pull the trigger

PS: Miss Nobody. Pity you for being so desperate and betchy. I'll screw you soon. See ya!


nek said...

so parang binaril ka?
tamang hinala ka naman aate eh, kasi yang boyfriend mo, ang loko, sobra, pinapaasa nya kayong dalawa, ganun lang un.

Anonymous said...

oo nga nakakabwisit ung mga ganung lalaki, MAFEELING hahahahaha!