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April 19, 2009

Phone Beeps for Nothing

Ever lost had your phone out of your sight?
         Is this a paranoid thing of having it out of my sight just for a sec or two? What's in it that people do crave of having it as one of the basic needs then? Even searching for the latest models, with so many features when in it is a communication gadget, yet, appears like it is really addicting. People are people, they say. I guess it's a human nature that in fear of being out from others, many keep their mobile phones on all the time, everywhere, like on every walks, or every talks, in classrooms, in the garden, in church, or in the bathroom (wonder how one manages texting while taking a bath? wow.) true and striking thing is, when one does not receive any new message on their phones, there starts the paranoia, the uneasiness, irritability, thoughts like "nobody loves me, huhuhuhu" ... funny funny. But that's what's actually happening now a days. This uneasiness impels them to answer all incoming text messages immediately, which is... often not necessary.

            Greetings of good mornings and good nights, sweet dreams, sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite. I guess this are top messages sent now a days. And the never ending boys' thing when courting. Really disappointing that many depended on this. 
Girls, if you think it's right to let one court you that easy. Please, stop it. Move on.
             Another top rating event in text networking. The term "group message" or GM. How does this make a sense? I'll raise a hand for that. GM or "group messaging" was also my thing. Back from my junior years, I really can't resist of flooding messages, especially "call-center-days". (i mean unlimited calls and texts). That was a really a wow and a "cool" thing for the many. Especially for tweens and teens. It was like, telling everybody what you're into, that moment, quotations (that you are actually,and "secretly" pointing into someone, right? hussshh), that was actually the means of Im-bored-please-reply, or hey-you-interesting person i like-message-me, the more more reasons that is really something in denying yet true.

            From there, I thought of it seriously that "hey, this isn't working, it does nothing but a minus in my credits for the load and time for my other things." I'm not growing. There, I realized that time is really a precious thing. I started to lessen the messaging. And I did.

              Just this Holy week, as my way of fasting, I thought of keeping my phone in my bag for that whole week and forget about it and everything on it. I have done so many things then, I used to spend more personal talks with my siblings and cousins. I became productive. I have finished the book I started. I managed to practice my spatial skills. It really is more productive to do things personally. Right, and no doubt , surely, you will be more satisfied with life. And now, I am back. I brought out my phone. Manages to keep in touch with my friends, update things, and off. I guess, it won't affect the affection we have anyway if i'd be sometime... MIA (Missing In Action)... Right?