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April 01, 2009

Talk Show Script: Gays and Lesbians

Here's a short sript ofour talk show entitled:
Special Guests of the in-betweens:

The Gays

  • The successful one
  • The Comedian
  • One who has a conflict with his family
  • A not-so-obvious policeman

The Lesb

  • A bisexual, who has a girl and boy at the same time
  • A rape victim
  • The successful businesswoman
  • The faithful muslim


  • Nun
  • Sociologist


Good Morning!
AND THE IN BETWEEN. (applause!)

Here we are now on our special episode of our show.

Hosts:  i am josephine uy aka JOSAH
and i am alyssa salazar aka LYSSAHH

lysa- josah, you ever wonder of your identity, or should i say, your sexual preference?

josa- actually, i always think of that. you know, those gays along the bars, the metrosexuals,
the same sex relationships, it's like. wow, what if me and alyssa had that thing??
you knoww..

josa and lyssa - EEWWWW! (laughs)

josa- enough for that dear, let's not delay this much. from what we were talking about earlier,
you guys may already have your ideas about our topic for this day,

lysa- right right right, you are right, i know some of you are excited for this,...

clap clap clap

intro the guests
actually, we have grouped them earlier, the gays...
and the lesbians,
STRAIGHT to the point.

1st; successful gay
a multi'tasking working graduate from UP,
and is now taking another course in FEU,
ivan joseph velasco aka ivy

2nd: comedian
the famous comedian, who would ever forget

3rd :family gay
a family man, back from his past,

4th: police
SPO atapang diurungan


1st: bi
maybe single but available.
that's how she sees herself,

2nd: rapevic

3rd: succesful lesb
business woman of the year,
an archi and an artist of the year
and best of all, she got the best in
tuxedo outfit of the year (etchos lang. wla nko maisip eh. haha)

4th: muslim
a muslim citizen from ARMM

with special guests:
sister ruth from the pink sisters

ok, now. let's start. first thing, homosexuals...
where did they come from?

for gays.
what made you "you"?

successful gay-
it was like genetically transferred,that my ancestors have made me this. from the past that i was maltreated by my father,abused by my guy classmates from my highschool, been rejected by the people i admire. from all of that, it came up on me that i have to do something. something that people would stop discriminating my league. and here i am, proud and gay to be gay.

wow!that's a great drama my dear. but me, it was one day when i thought of killing myself. not because i look like this but because i was rejected by the girl i courted for years! i was a straight guy, normal, but after that girl who turned me down, whew! fine, there are lots of boys out there anyway, right?

rapevic lesbi
sometimes, you really dont have to please anybody just for that person to love you back. you don't have to alter. and, we, dont have to be bitter about these people who made our life miserable. their life might be as well, be so bittered by other people anyway.

excuse me, i guess. it's not about the people around you. "Don't assume I'm straight" Often bisexuals are seen as being in a "fence sitting" transition phase.This is often blamed on confusion about their own identity ,or denial of their true sexual orientation because they are afraid to come out or unable to choose.

i got your point, but that doesnt mean much like we're all confused about our own self. we, or personally, i, admit that it is my choice to be a lesbian. it's not showing that i've quitted to be a woman, but i wanted to show that my appearance physically has this masculinity, who can do what a normal man can.

so it was like an ego in you? is that what you mean?


not really, sometimes, it's about where you came from, your family. the environment you used to live. the people around you are really the main reason of your "being you" now. i am saying this for i've been there. my dad never believed me whenever i say im straight, he thinks im too feminine. he said i was soo obvious because of my gay friends, duh! they may be gays but i can be different, i just enjoy their company, but im straight, but dad insisted, so fine. i am gay. fine. since then, i really joined my friends league, for life.

hahaha. nice one bro. good for you men. obviously, i am a policeman. on this coat.
feared by many because of my manly look. my deep masculinity, with great strenght. these killer eyes. look.
but that's not it.i also have my weakness, and i found it out so fast and no doubt. he passed by the window, from there.
he smiled at me. i was stunned. and i said... "wow, is this love?" and we live together now, i know it's awkward but, when it comes to that term "el ow vi ee", impossible is a no.

wew. that really is love. i guess, but wasnt there a reason like you guys became what you are now because of your principles in life??

i guess, that's about came up to me that why be a sexist if we are all human beings? i may look like just this but hey, you don't really know what i can do. i guess, its about those boys that thinks of us women as weak. now, i have my girlfriend that i have courted for years. i know what a girl wants, and soo i know what i must and must not do, that's actuali an advantage for us homos, but i also have my boyfrnd. i dont know, but i feel like so manly if i have two.(like other men think) one for love and the other for play. boys will be boys, as they have said. i agree, but they also have to consider that girls can be boys too!


hoho. mine was soo tragic. my past changed the whole of me. that boy ruined my life, my femininity! he abused me. he got my only treasure. one day, he approached me, asking for my forgiveness, of course. knowing that he is the reason for this, i punched him, and gave that pain he gave me. he should have not done that, since then, i felt like being one of them. the traits passed on me. manly, wow, like that girl next door was now the boy next door.

it's as if our guests really had bitter pasts. from family, to clasmmates, to boys and girls and so of that. mostly, from the people they loved, and like, almost all of it are from love dillemas.hmm. but that is not where everything starts and
ends. it's in our society, actually.


how does one from your league survive in this society?

succesful lesbi
-Everyone, regardless of race, status, sex or sexual preference, are indiscriminately welcome in our society. so what kung lesbian ako, at bading siya. we are all human beings. united by one blood. i admit, being one of us is really difficult. people would go staring at you as if you were so far and a total alien. as if you have no right no enter such establishments or walk in to the isle of the church. they always judge us with how we look and not for what we really do for our society. come to think of this, the people whom we think wouldnt do good in our society are actually those who give much good name. it's not about the physical appearance, it's about what we do about others, specifically, the right thngs. positive!

- muslim
if only i can show up, and tell everyone that i am a lesbian. there would be no problem at all. and i wont be on this show. but it's the freedom to speak up. regardless of my religion, still im on this. even if, i have my wife, and two kids. i never thought of it. for my wife is even the one who supports me in whatever i do. as in whatever.

- nun
did you just say wife and two kids? there is a bill, which penalizes a broad range of human rights violations against lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgenders, that is obviously considered as “morally reprehensible.”. protecting lesbians and gays from discrimination is like extending support for pedophiles.

- comedian
what about that? isnt love conquers everything? it does! as in everything.

- successful gay
and what i know is, The deeper and more profound reason prohibiting same-sex marriages is based on the impossibility of reproduction rather than on invidious discrimination on account of sex or sexual preference. right?

- nun

but still, It must be noted that even under the Family Code of the Philippines, Articles 2 and 5 thereof allow a marriage only between a male and a female. As a matter of fact, Articles 45(3) and 55(6) of the same law even provide that lesbianism and homosexuality are grounds for annulment and legal separation, respectively.

- socio
and prior to that, would it be nice seeing two same gendered individual walking along the streets, holding hands, or publicly showing affection with each other. what would be the tourists' impression about our country then, how would they respect our culture if that is what they see in general,

- BI

right,but you must not take it generally, not all gays and lesbians act the same way. as he have said earlier, it depends to from what kind of environment was one used to be. we have the educated and the uneducated of course, and it's by choice. even if we want to clean our reputation as homos, we cant, we cant rule them all. the only part of the society is, to respect us, so there would be no conflict, discrimination is never a way to stand out in our society. never.

- socio
you are saying then that people discriminate your league because they want to rule, to stand out, to be dominant?
nah-uh. i dis-agree, people actually arent aware of that. it's like a human nature that automatically reacts on to what they think is abnormanl, or is beyond the normal. can you say that it is normal to see two guys holding hands, or love-making? i dont think so.

- muslim
and would that also be the reason why christians always look so differently on us, muslims? would there be a point that religion be an exemption. i always wonder, im also a human, my friends that are also like this, them, us, you think it is fair to be maltreated by our society just because we are not like them?

- rapevic
and that made me think now, you are right my friend. people always think we are so different from them, that whenever we pass by in front of them, they make a distance away from us, it's like hey hey, what do you of yourself, NORMAL?

- succesful lesbi
i know what you mean by that, in this society, everyone. regardless of sex or age, is abnormal, i mean, there no such thing as usual for now, people do things that actually makes them diffrent from the others, why alter,

ok ok, i think it's getting hot in here. smile.
- right, so lets move on to our final question,

* dear guests, what do you think of yourselves now that you are here and showing the whole world that you are gays and lesbians?

start with?

successful gay

i have heard enough. mostly negative about our league. but that didnt stop me from aiming higher and dreaming big. not really that big but just right for what i can. you know, its not about the gender but the capability of one to do things on their own.


in addition to that, one's position is never a barrier to dream big. it is also not a reason to hide from your shell. i may look like this, strong-willed, powerful, but never, and never did i ever used these things to hurt other people. i love my job, for whatever i am now, i am still a policeman you can trust. being gay is not being weak anyway.


i do respect others, for what and who they are. i came out here to reveal who i really am. at first, i was really doubtful, but my wife just said "go on dear, we are just here. supporting you for all the things you are into." family, that's what's important.


right, your family is your home. i cant deny that, but not all families live happilly. some just ignore you and rejects you. think that you are non sense and a big pest to their home. they would rather wish you were dead. but you must not take that forever, enough is enough. it will always be your choice, and i chose to be a normal individual, though gay and not straight, i still have my true friends and myself, of course.

just a phrase, proud to be a "FILIPINO" (smiles)

succesful lesbi
isnt that the other show's name? (laugh) anyway, il make it short. i am me, a woman in disguise. fears none of the authority, i work for my living, and that's it. i care not to gossips around me.

gossip girl, is that what you mean? haha, well. you're definitly right sis, and in fact, if you are talked about, be proud, that just means you are pretty interesting. look at me, proud and gay. my family rejected me, that girl dumped me, those boys played on me, yet. im still here, im even on tv. who needs them anyway, i live a happy life now. what actually is important is the present and the people around you who makes you smile and the people of course that i've touched and have given a smile. that's my role, to make other people happy, that's why im'a gay. :D

- pretty positive for that! (high fives!) just this, baby, i know you are watching now. i hope our love to last. and to my boyfriend.... now you know, how's it like to be played on? see, ive warned you, i even told you about this, but you thought i was just kidding, well you are wrong. people, everyone, listen. i came out not to be an influence that girls must play on games. i showed up, to give a message to my fellow men, that it isnt a good idea to degrade my league. it is a do or else....

hwow, now that's hot. thank you ladies and gentlemen and in betweens. and to our special guests, mr. _________________
and ms. ___________________

before closing this show, we would like to thank .......

thank you for viewing, dont forget. love conquers everything.everyone regardless of race, sexual preference, or status are beings. humans. and to stand out, FACE YOUR FAME HERE ON, JOSA..... AND LYSSA'S... HALL OF SHAME.

*ok. so how did i get this?
i honestly dont know. these lines, just popped up. then i just have to type it straight. quick (because of the deadline). augh. but hey, when i read it with my group..
wow. i just laughed out loud that, was i really the one who made this?? but, knowing that im'a kind of'a feminist. the words. lines. are really so much of me. no doubt. it's my piece.