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April 19, 2009

Boys Wish Girls Knew

  1. We aren't mind readers
  2. We aren't to be used as pawns in trying to make your girlfriends jealous.
  3. Smoking is the biggest turn off.
  4. It never hurts to work out
  5. If you don't want to hear the truth, don't ask.
  6. "FINE" or "WHATEVER" is never an appropriate ending to a conversation.
  7. Don't expect us to say so many sweet things as in the movies. (it takes a lot of guys and their wives to come up with those scripts.)
  8. Only models are able to wear most of the stuffs you see in fashion magazines.
  9. Sharing your deepest feelings in no way guarantees reciprocity.
  10. We are all kinky and willing to try anything that you mat enjoy, just let us know
  11. If we're not getting love we'll start looking... (haha. kidding. psyche. we're dead serious)
  12. Your hair is like 14 inches long, how are we supposed to notice an inch missing.
  13. We don't mind going to gay movies with you but don't tell our friends.
  14.  You can't hold it against us if we cry after sports movies or "old yeller"
  15.  "the game is on" is an acceptable excuse to avoid any serious conversation.
  16. You're probably not as funny as you think.
  17. Brad Pitt is probably a cool guy but if i hear one more girl say "he's so hot" he may have to die.
  18.  Cooking makes a girl that much more especially if she can use a grill.
  19.  You can't get mad if we refuse to hook up your ugly friend with on of our friends.
  20. Whip cream and chocolate syrup are not just condiments for ice cream, also altoids, just don't make your breath fresher.
  21. Boy's night outs are sacred events. if we answer questions we could be castrated.
  22. 99.5% of the time, we didn't mean to hurt you.

- This is a re-post and I wanted to add some things for that.

  1. Computer games really are boys' next girl. Don't let them choose between you or their screens.
  2.  Boys aren't carts to hold all your shopping bags.
  3.  Boys insist in paying the bills, but if you resist, go. They don't want an argument from that.
  4. They really care about what you wear, and they are serious when they want you to change your sleeveless top and skirts.
  5. Turn offs: hard make up (too much foundation, lipstick) they want you as simple as possible, yet chic
  6. Bad words are really big no no
  7. Gossip girls
  8. Loudspeakers (literally), but they find it cool sometimes, just don't be suicidal
  9. And the most undecided situation for boys , is the meet the parents stage. They  really don't know how to react on it.



vini said...

tamang tama lang yan. sakto pa nga eh

akosiya said...

right. vini just said it right. i just viewed your blogs. and poof. this one struck me. haha. such a nice blog huh.